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Store the backup codes you obtain after completing the setup. As a Swiss company, Threema is also subject to Switzerland’s strict Federal Act on Data Protection (DSG) and the accompanying Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection (VDSG). Due to the nature of the project described above, this audit was requested to make sure that an independent third-party, in this case Cure53, has a look at the code before the … The communication with external contacts is inhibited. Threema was created with data protection in mind, and it is designed from the ground up to generate as little metadata as technically possible. The management cockpit and Threema’s directory server sync once per hour. Please contact us if an individual service agreement is required. Threema. Send text and voice messages; Make voice and video calls; Send files of any type (PDFs, Office documents, etc.) Mit Threema Work haben die Entwickler von Threema eine spezielle App für Unternehmen entwickelt. Blatter sagt: »Inzwischen haben wir uns eine treue Nutzerschaft und einen großen Kundenstamm bei Threema Work (dem Threema-Produkt für Unternehmen – Anm. Threema MDM is typically used for unmanaged devices, where individual credentials come into play (this way, users can be identified and managed individually). However, Threema Work is not available as a wrapped container solution (e.g., for MobileIron AppConnect or Citrix MDX Toolkit). Es gibt ja für Schulen eigentlich extra „Threema Education“. Threema Safe allows to automatically create backups of your users’ most important Threema data and settings on a regular basis. The software is based on the privacy by design principles as it does not require a phone number or any other personally identifiable information. By default, Threema Safe can be used. For companies with low requirements in terms of customization, administration, and automation, For companies with high standards regarding customization, administration, and automation, For anyone who wants to try out Threema Work free of charge and without any obligation, Get a complete list of all active licenses and users, Add administrators and define access privileges, Integrate your own form for first-level support into the app, Show data evaluation of your subscription, Make contacts available and mark internal contacts, Revoke IDs and prevent access to future chats, Control app settings in the management cockpit, Reach users via feeds, distribution lists, bots, and groups. 1,5 Jahren an unserer Schule und es läuft alles bestens. By detaching a Threema ID from a subscription, the ID is removed from the subscription’s list of active users. All app customization parameters are documented both in the management cockpit and Threema Work is tailored to the use in organizations and offers numerous benefits over the consumer version of Threema, especially in terms of administration, user management, app distribution, and preconfiguration. Threema Work is fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Discover the key facts and see how Threema performs in the messaging app ranking. “Robert Smith”). When subscriptions are automatically renewed, an automated email is sent, which also contains a URL directly to the invoice. For example, if only one parameter is set in Threema MDM, only this one parameter threema can be used completely anonymously allows to make end to end encrypted voice and video calls and offers every feature one would expect from a state of the art instant messenger. Restrict communication to internal contacts (Closed user group). Threema Work can be easily distributed, either with or without an MDM system. Firewall settings can prevent the Threema Work app from establishing a connection to the Threema server, or they might block access to the management cockpit. To prevent your users from exporting their Threema ID, set the parameter th_disable_id_export to Set up a trial subscription without obligation. With Threema Gateway, Threema can be integrated into existing software applications. It is the most secure method to permanently exclude someone from your organization's internal communication. Open Threema.xcproject in Xcode; Repeat these steps for the Threema Work and ThreemaForWorkShareExtension target Check "Automatically manage signing" and confirm it ("Enable Automatic") Set "Team" to the team of your developer account; Choose Threema Work as scheme and a simulator; 3. Threema Work is … Wir nutzen die App seit ca. You will receive an invoice via email, payable within 30 days. Hinweis: Das dieses Video ein Produkt vorstellt ist dieses Video ein Werbevideo. Details…. Set th_disable_system_backups to The management cockpit overview shows how many users are active (92), how many credentials are in use (27), and how many users have licensed Threema Work in total (100). There are two price plans available for Threema Work, which differ in their features and services. Threema calls: UDP port 3478 needs to be open for outgoing connections. You can use MDM parameters to define which backup options are (not) available to your users. I would argue that many of the of these "successful" SV unicorns do more damage than any good. Details, Threema MDM in addition to a regular MDM system. “~Bob”). You can try out Threema Work free of charge for two months with 15 users. If this parameter isn’t set, your users’ Threema Safe backups will be stored on the Threema server. Individual agreements are not possible. Each app instance requires an individual license. It offers the same high level of privacy protection, security, and usability that millions of private users value about Threema. In the management cockpit, navigate to “Access privileges”. Make contacts availableIn the management cockpit, you can specify contacts that will be added to the contact lists of all users of the subscription. Threema Work is compatible with MobileIron, Sophos Mobile, Citrix XenMobile, SAP Afaria, VMware AirWatch, and others. If th_safe_server_url isn’t set, your users can store Threema Safe backups on the Threema server or on any other server. Using these codes, you are able to sign in if you should ever lose your mobile device. Dafür können die Schulen sogenannte Threema Work Education Lizenzen für ihre Schülerinnen und Schüler zu den gleichen Konditionen wie das … Wer Threema Work kennt, gibt nicht nur einen Stern Offenbar geben Leute hier ständig 1*-Bewertungen ab, die nicht mal den Sinn von Threema Work verstanden haben bzw. The subscription term is twelve months and will be automatically extended for another year unless duly terminated. Threema Work is the secure, GDPR-compliant messenger for organizations. Auch Ende-zu … Threema work can be easily distributed, either with or without an mdm system. parameter change has in the app. Using Threema Work IDs in the consumer app. This configuration enforces the use of Threema Safe. Learn here how to label internal contacts. Build and Run. Since our requirements in regard to ease of use and reliability could not be met, wrapping is not supported. Threema can be used completely anonymously, allows to make end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls, and offers every feature one would expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger. To learn more about the configuration of Threema Safe using MDM parameters, please refer to this Help article. The communication with external contacts is inhibited. Threema Work is fully compliant … Individual settings for individual users are treated with a higher priority than global It might take up to one hour for a revocation to take effect. settings for all users, i.e., individual settings overwrite global settings. Threema is trusted by millions and known for its unparalleled security and privacy protection. iOS does not have a standardized type of container supported by the operating system. (This parameter overrides all parameters listed below.). Find the appropriate credentials, and click on the trash-can icon to delete the credentials. The “First Steps” PDF will guide you through the manual distribution and activation of the app. Define how your users get first-level support by integrating your own support form into the app. If you disable contact synchronization on the mobile devices, you can still add contacts via the management cockpit. For users with individual credentials, “individual values” can be set in Threema MDM. You can integrate them in an existing subscription or keep them in a separate subscription. Rollout and app confguration. Using Threema Work’s management cockpit, you can easily administer your subscriptions and users. HIGHEST ENCRYPTION STRENGTH Threema end-to-end encrypts all your communication including messages, voice and video calls, group chats, files and even status messages. Users of the standard Threema app and Threema Work users can communicate without any limitations, as if they were using the same app. In accordance with EU law, the invoice does not include VAT if you register your legal entity’s VAT Reg No in the admin account or provide it afterward: In this case, the reverse-charge regulation applies and the tax liability transfers to the recipient of services. If you would like to convert your free trial into a regular subscription in order to keep the trial’s credentials and settings, please proceed as follows: If you accept an offer instead of converting your trial into a regular subscription, a new subscription will be created, and you will have to manually transfer your trial users to the newly created subscription. Multiple devices can be activated using the same credentials: An ID revocation cannot be undone and is only available to administrators of Enterprise subscriptions. Integrating Threema Broadcast into your directory service (e.g., MS Exchange, AD, or LDAP) is quite easy. Then, switch to the “Credentials” menu, and click on “Add/import credentials”. An email address or phone number can only be linked to one Threema ID at a time. Using the Broadcast API, you can dispatch messages and manage feeds, distribution lists, and groups. You will be redirected to PostFinance for the payment. Only then can the user move their ID from Threema Work to the private Threema using Threema Safe or an ID export. This will make it impossible for a user to send or receive any message using this ID, or to restore the ID from a backup. To add multiple users at at once (e.g., from a .csv file), switch to the “Bulk insert / Import” tab. By means of MDM parameters, you can determine whether your users can (A), cannot (B), or must (C) use Threema Safe. If staff changes occur, an individual user’s access to the app can be withdrawn via the MDM system. Define successful startup? Then, set th_safe_enable to true. You can find out more about features and answers to general questions about the app in the Threema FAQs. Use MDM parameters to restrict some or completely disable all backup options: To prevent your users from creating any kind of backup, use th_disable_backups. Terms of Service). Threema Work is the highly secure and easy-to-use messaging solution for companies and organizations. The following browsers are supported (on any operating system): Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, and Safari. The work was requested by the Threema team and then executed by Cure53 in October 2020, precisely in CW42. Secure and private Messenger. You can preconfigure the Threema Work app for your users and set it up as desired so that the app is ready for use when first launched. The user entered the name manually in the contact details in the app. In Threema Work for Android, users can create data backups. abhörsicheren Sprach- und Videoanrufen. With the following settings, users of a subscription can only communicate with other users of the list of MDM parameters to define specific config policies. Threema Work ist ein Ende-zu-Ende-verschlüsselter Messenger zur Nutzung auf Smartphones, Tablets und Desktop-Geräten. Open the menu “Threema MDM” in the Threema Work management cockpit, which expands the submenu Acquire and distribute platform-independent licenses, Detach or revoke IDs when staff changes occur, Prevent access to future chats when employees leave the company. Rollout and configuration using a regular MDM system. Threema is the world’s best-selling secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations, and governments. Pay with MasterCard or Visa. In jeder Art von Support wird darauf gebaut und Bezug genommen - doch bei mir erschient weder ein entsprechender Button noch Menu.Dadurch kann ich auch keine Nutzer-Zugangsdaten… Then, set the user’s access privileges by ticking the appropriate checkboxes. If you would use the same credentials for different users (multi-user license), you could not withdraw a user’s access to the app by deleting their credentials or preconfigure the app using Threema MDM. To learn more about the configuration of Threema Safe using MDM parameters, please refer to this Help article. Threema Work is the highly secure and easy-to-use messaging solution for companies and organizations. Threema Work. You can deploy the Threema Work app manually or by using an MDM or EMM system: The Threema Work app must be activated using credentials before it is ready for use. You can use both Threema Work and the standard Threema app on the same device. As Enterprise user, the management cockpit allows you to: In addition, Enterprise customers can manage users and subscriptions via API. Revocation will permanently delete a Threema ID and all associated information from the servers. 8.0 or higher). However, as administrator, you can restrict the communication to contacts contained in the contact list. This allows companies and organizations to send, receive, and process Threema messages using their own software. Then, it must be activated using credentials, and it’s ready for use. Deployment via MDM system (managed devices): global credentials / multi-user license. Learn how to set up your server for Threema Safe…. The following features are particularly useful when handling staff changes: Withdraw access to the app The same ID cannot be used in two apps simultaneously. Threema Work offers several backup options that differ in various respects: By default, all backup options are available. Threema is an end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. This applies also to After a Threema ID has been revoked, it will be displayed striked-through in contact lists of other users within 24 hours. Set th_safe_enable to false to prevent your users from using Threema Safe. Please note, however, that a phone number or email address can only be linked to one Threema ID at a time (i.e., either to the Threema ID used in Threema Work or to the Threema ID used in the standard Threema app). App use on mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Why Threema. Threema ⭐ review. must be granted, Third parties can gain access to this data, The encryption used in them is not verifiable, There is no means for administration and user management, There is no strict separation between personal and professional communication, Clear distinction between personal and professional communication, Launch the Threema Work app, and enter the credentials you have, Presence of a revocation password (yes/no), Bitmask of features supported by the version in use, Push token of the service in use (GCM/FCM, APNS), Name of the chosen sound file for push messages, In the subscription overview, select the trial you wish to convert, In the trial’s management cockpit, navigate to “Overview”, and click “Buy now!”, Specify the desired number of users, select your preferred currency, and click “Next”, VAT Reg No (with this information the VAT is omitted on quotations and invoices), Order details (supplier no. If you wish to switch from Threema Work Enterprise to Business, please contact our support before the current subscription period expires. Threema’s servers are located in Zürich, Switzerland, a country known as a data privacy haven. Systems). You will be redirected to PayPal, any refunds will be issued to your PayPal account. Add contacts to your users’ contact lists. If the VAT Reg No is not stored in the profile, the country-specific VAT must be billed in addition to the purchase amount. Neither a SIM card nor a phone number is required. Sie haben vollen Zugriff auf alle Chats, Kontakte und Medien. Threema supports nonprofit organizations, schools, and other educational institutions in their endeavor to increase privacy protection. Apart from the license costs, the use of Threema Work does not involve any other fees. Auf der Threema … *) Threema reserves the right to review an organization’s eligibility at any time; if the eligibility criteria are not met, the discount will be withdrawn. Für Unternehmen und Bildungseinrichtungen hat der Anbieter Threema Work, Threema Gateway und Threema Education im Programm. Configure the app easily in the Threema Work management cockpit also when lacking an additional MDM Basic app features. Threema Work ist ein Baustein der Digitalen Bildungsplattform Baden-Württemberg, … Thus, it can no longer be revoked by subscription administrators, and it will no longer be labeled as internal contact. If th_safe_enable is set, it is either mandatory (true) or impossible (false) to use Threema Safe. Please note that a mobile device (on which the Threema Work app is present and activated using credentials) is required; it’s not possible to use Threema Web without a mobile device. unchanged. Before the Threema Work app can be used, it must be activated using credentials: Threema Work is available for Android and iOS and can also be used on tablets. Furthermore, external experts audit Threema on a regular basis. Threema Work allows to: The Threema and the Threema Work app are compatible and are generally identical as far as features are concerned. To revoke an ID, navigate to Users in the management cockpit. Simply use the same username/password pair as multi-user license for all users. In Threema Work for Android, users can create data backups. It offers the same high level of privacy protection, security, and usability that millions of private users value about Threema. It is best to set the preferred currency in the settings: Which persons should automatically receive an invoice can be set at Grant the required access authorization and configure the notification settings accordingly: A Threema ID cannot be used on multiple devices (or in Threema and Threema Work) at the same time. The Threema Work app must be activated using credentials. Create quotations, and access orders and invoices, Increase the number of users, and renew subscriptions, Upgrade existing subscriptions, and purchase new ones, Revoke IDs, and detach IDs from a subscription. When deploying the Threema Work app using an MDM system, the credentials are distributed along with the app. Home; Why no WhatsApp? On Android, the Threema Work app must have been opened at least once in order for the activation link to work. The Threema Work app is based on Threema’s consumer app and offers similar features. When deploying the Threema Work app manually to unmanaged devices, individual credentials (single-user licenses) are appropriate, which means that each user gets separate credentials to activate the app. Depending on the local law, the recipient of the service is liable to pay the VAT and, if applicable, declare the import of the service to the relevant tax authority. Users don’t need to enter a password when re-installing the app or switching to a new device and can continue to use Threema Work immediately. Share photos, videos and locations; Use Threema on the desktop; Special features. Threema Broadcast is included in Threema Work Enterprise. The Threema Work app must be installed on the device in order for the activation link to work. A wide range of MDM parameters allow you to preconfigure the app tailored to your company’s Threema GmbH. system. If your company requires that chats be stored externally for auditing or reporting purposes, you can asks users to export chats. The activation link is structured like this: The statutory value added tax (VAT) of 7.7% is applied to all invoices. App users can retrieve the information listed below at any time (by following the instructions listed in this FAQ article). Linking the same Threema Web erlaubt Ihnen, Threema Work bequem auf dem Desktop nutzen, ohne dabei Abstriche bei der Sicherheit zu machen. iOS: Threema > My ID > camera icon in the top right corner; If you are having trouble scanning a QR code, please make sure the camera is not too close (below 10 in/25 cm), which might prevent it from focussing. Threema Work can be used without providing personally identifiable information (such as a phone number or email address) and without granting access to the address book. A detailed comparison of these price plans is available here. Many of the apps that are used for business purposes don’t meet legal data-privacy requirements. To resolve this issue, please open the appropriate TCP ports. Use the No other messenger offers a similar level of security, metadata restraint, and confidentiality. Manual deployment (unmanaged devices): individual credentials / single-user licenses. Using the following settings, users of a subscription can only communicate with other users of the same subscription or with contacts that were added manually in the management cockpit (see “Make contacts available” above). Threema MDM can be used in addition to a regular MDM system, e.g. Internal contacts (i.e., contacts that are part of the same Threema Work subscription) can be labeled with the blue verification level. Threema In 6 Minuten Erklärt Und Installiert Android Youtube. same subscription or with contacts that were added manually in the management cockpit. Threema Work is compatible with any MDM system that supports Android Enterprise (Android) and Managed App Configuration (iOS). If your company uses MobileIron AppConnect, please refer to this article. The preconfiguration can be carried out either using a regular MDM system or using Threema MDM. Clicking on “Continue” (the amount of selected users is shown in brackets) allows you to adjust the app further. This helps anonymize the users to a degree. Once the project is finished, you can withdraw their access to the Threema Work app and/or revoke their Threema IDs. Swiss people tend to value a good work/life balance and that may not work for SV type startups. Menü . Threema Work, das vom Kultusministerium Baden-Württemberg ab April 2020 in der Variante Education gestaffelt an die staatlichen Lehrkräfte an öffentlichen Schulen ausgerollt wird, ist speziell auf die Nutzung in Organisationen und Bildungseinrichtungen zugeschnitten. First, click on “Add user” to add a user. If the ID is used again in conjunction with credentials of this subscription, it will reappear in the list of active users. Depending on whether the app is deployed manually or via MDM system, the process of defining credentials differs slightly. Activate the parameter, and leave the setting. To manually add contacts, navigate to “App customizing > Contacts”, and click on “Add”. Per app, only one ID can be used at a time. individual values. Threema Work. If you want to store your users’ Threema Safe backups on your own server, specify the URL to the Threema Safe directory on your server in th_safe_server_url. Threema Web is available for both the Android and the iOS version of the Threema Work app. Threema und Threema Work sind zwei eigenständige Apps. Purchase additional licenses for external or temporary employees joining your team. ), Additional information below the invoice items. With Android Enterprise, it is generally possible to distribute the app in a container. To prevent this, set the MDM parameter th_disable_data_backups to true. ‎Threema Work is the highly secure and easy-to-use messaging solution for companies and organizations. Threema Work is fully compliant with the EU … Threema wird künftig mit seinem eigenen Support-Team auf dem Threema-Forum präsent sein und sich aktiv an den Diskussionen beteiligen. The following invoice details can be added or adjusted after calling up the URL: Administrators with an appropriate authorization can open all invoices at any time by clicking on the corresponding order at The Threema Work apps are open source, and the Cryptography Whitepaper contains comprehensive information about Threema’s technical architecture. Other operating systems are not supported. To run the app in combination with our official server infrastructure, you must have bought a license either on Google Play or in the Threema shop. If Threema Work is used on multiple devices at the same time, a separate license is required for each device (cf. Just like messages, Threema Work’s voice and video calls are end-to-end encrypted and thus tap-proof. First, make sure that the required number of credentials is available. Chat contents will not be transferred when switching from one app to the other.

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