We have been working in the Information Technology (IT) business since 1974.. Major projects from 1990 up-to-date are:

      • 1994 up-to-date we have specialised on Electronic Data Interchange EDI
      • Consulting, -Conception, -Project Management, -Interface Development, -Convertions from and to various EDI stabdards using different convertion systems, Development of EDI documentation systems
      • Database Management Systems using MS-Access (2.0 bis 2003), SQL-Server
      • Software developement with programming languages C and Visual Basic
      • Development for a RZ automation tool on PC for mainframe-systems VM/MVS (IBM), BS2000 (Siemens) , AS/4000 (IBM)

Major projects from 1974 until 1990 were:

      • various IT-Projekt-Developments on mainframe systems via VM/MVS using the programming languages PL/1, COBOL und FORTRAN IV
      • various IT-Developments for 8-Bit-PC’s using RIO, CP/M with the programming languages FORTRAN IV/ ASSEMBLER (including a database management system)
      • development of MS-DOS-Applications using Microsoft Windows
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